Weiser Global Capital Markets Applauds the Government of the Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading Stock Broker Weiser Global Capital Markets (“Weiser”) applauds the Bahamian government for leading the way in crypto regulation and for crypto entrepreneurs, including the $32 billion crypto-asset derivatives exchange FTX, which inaugurated its new offices in Nassau after the inauguration Crypto Bahamas Conference.

“Building its first official international headquarters here is an ultimate vote of confidence in our country as the premier fintech destination of the future and in the Bahamas’ progressive and comprehensive crypto legislation,” said Christos Livadas, Group Director of Weiser Capital companies.

The Bahamas is one of the few countries in the world to draft and pass a comprehensive crypto licensing bill, and a white paper describing the future of digital assets was published in the weeks leading up to the conference. The white paper sets out a vision and framework to guide Bahamas digital asset policy through 2026. Meanwhile, the US, UK and other countries have instead taken a closer look at the industry crypto-assets, and China has banned all crypto-related. transactions.

Introducing the white paper, described as a comprehensive policy update, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Hon. Philip Davis, QC said, “Digital assets are a remarkable opportunity for our country – an opportunity to leverage our global expertise in financial services, diversify our economy, engage a whole new generation of Bahamians and to pave the way for innovation. Digital assets are going to have a transformative impact across the world and we believe the Bahamas – and Bahamians – can be at the forefront of this new frontier.

To that end, Weiser applauds the vital role played by the Bahamas Securities Commission, which regulates, monitors and supervises the issuance of digital assets, those who conduct digital asset business and their activities.

“The Bahamas and its regulators have taken a proactive stance on crypto-assets, sending an important message to the world that our fintech community is strong, unified and ready for the new world of finance,” said Shelby Brice, Director of Compliance, Weiser Global Capital Markets.

Livadas added, “We liken FTX’s vision of locating its headquarters here to the legendary business ideas of the late Atlantis founder, Sol Kerzner, who repurposed a tired property into an iconic resort that completely redefined Bahamian hospitality. . This is the magnitude of what FTX’s inauguration ceremony means for the Bahamas.

Amid record demand for investment opportunities, Weiser believes the Bahamas’ proactive stance on crypto-asset regulation is vital for the industry. The legislation both recognizes the changing regulatory landscape and helps provide a framework of trust for investors to trade digital assets. This strong foundation also propels the Bahamas to the top of the global fintech scene while opening the country’s doors for business.

“Just as Atlantis has become the clear choice for travel, FTX is making the Bahamas the destination of the fintech future,” Livadas said.

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