Shaikha Al-Bahar Receives ‘Distinguished Services to Arab Banking’ Award from the Arab Bankers Association – ARAB TIMES

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First woman to win this prestigious award

Al-Bahar receives the award from Abdulaziz Al-Khuraiji, Chairman of the Board of the Arab Bankers Association in London, and George Kanaan, CEO of the Arab Bankers Association.

KUWAIT CITY, November 12: Shaikha Al-Bahar, Deputy Group Managing Director at National Bank of Kuwait, received the “Distinguished Services to Arab Banking Award 2022” from the Arab Bankers Association (ABA) in recognition and appreciation for his dedicated efforts and outstanding contributions to the growth of the Arab banking sector.

Lord William Russell, the former Mayor of the City of London, presented the award to Al-Bahar, at the annual Arab Bankers Association event, held in London, England, which was attended by attended by senior executives and key leaders in the financial services industry. .

In his acceptance speech, Al-Bahar said that NBK has embraced a cooperative leadership culture, which not only drives excellence, but rather actively demonstrates that excellence. Inspired by this unique culture, NBK leaders inspire their team members to build careers in banking by providing them with the right tools to create efficiencies and achieve the best results.

“I am very proud of what I have achieved throughout my career with NBK. It makes me prouder that my professional career has been closely aligned with my personal beliefs and goals, which has helped me achieve many of my personal aspirations, especially those that relate to giving back to the community through responsible banking practices,” says Al-Bahar.

“I am also honored to be part of the leadership team that has guided NBK to its premier position as one of the region’s leading financial institutions.” Al-Bahar added.

Al-Bahar emphasized that behind his personal accomplishment there was a dedication and a willingness to differentiate himself through hard work, thinking outside the box and stepping out of his comfort zones.

Al-Bahar described her professional journey as filled with devotion, evolution and inspiration, from her beginnings as an intern in one of NBK’s branches, until she took over the management of the DGCEO . Throughout this unique journey, she managed to leave a positive imprint and played a key role in shaping the Group’s strategic vision, a direction that successfully positioned NBK as the most valuable banking brand in Kuwait. and among the top five banking brands in the region.

Al-Bahar pointed out that NBK adopts an open culture focused on customer, innovation, digital mindset and data-driven decision-making to position NBK well as a digital leader and pioneer in Kuwait and in the region, creating a next-generation digital banking experience.

The NBK Group Deputy Managing Director also said that the long-term interests of all NBK stakeholders are intertwined as the Bank continues to create added value for all its customers, employees and communities.

“A true leader knows how to drive change. Therefore, I am committed to advocating for greater diversity on boards and continuing to develop and support various women empowerment initiatives, the latest of which was the launch of “ NBK RISE,” a one-of-a-kind global women’s leadership initiative designed by women for women”. Al-Bahar noted.

Al-Bahar stressed the importance of gender balance in meeting rooms, as it is at the forefront today. Therefore, NBK has taken the initiative and started from within, ensuring that women break down barriers on boards and have adequate representation on all our boards and committees.

“In today’s rapidly changing global environment, we continue to inspire our teams to become future leaders and equip them with the tools to transform organizations, improve value creation, create efficiencies and achieve best results.” said Al-Bahar.

Al-Bahar believes that continuous learning is the key to success and that people learn the most when they are immersed in the depths.

Recognition and Appreciation

Concluding his speech, Al-Bahar acknowledged the collaborative dedication of NBK employees, highlighting their efforts as they continue to elevate NBK’s leadership position to new heights.

“This award reflects our vision to continue building on our excellence and further reinforces our determination to stay the course of our inclusive, resilient and sustainable approach. At NBK, we have always focused on developing effective leaders within and across our organization, and thereby improving the overall quality of our operations. concluded Al-Bahar.

A model of ambition

Former City of London Mayor Lord William Russell said Al-Bahar is a role model for ambitious women in the Middle East and on the international front, adding that as a leading GCC banker , it offers a strategic point of view. and a distinct voice recognized and valued by politicians and leaders.

A leading role

Meanwhile, Mr. George Kanaan, CEO of the Arab Bankers Association, pointed out that Al-Bahar has been instrumental in the growth of banking services throughout the Middle East, as well as in helping businesses and organizations to get the financial products and services they need to achieve their goals.

The Arab Bankers’ Association (ABA) was founded in 1980 and is a London-based not-for-profit business organization whose members work in banking and related industries in the Arab world and the UK. The ABA is dedicated to strengthening ties and interdependence between members of the financial sector in Arab countries and the UK through constant contact and exchange of information, as well as a wide range of activities and events.