Managing Director in Manhattan Banking

Occupation: General manager
Industry: Bank/Investments
Age: 35
Location: Manhattan, NY
Salary: $280,000 + discretionary bonus (varies widely – last year was $60,000)
Net value : About $700,000 ($250,000 in retirement accounts, $150,000 in real estate investments, $250,000 in managed portfolios, about $10,000 in crypto, and the rest in checking/savings accounts; I’m actively looking for other business opportunities. ‘investment.)
Debt: $0 (I pay off my credit card bills in full each month.)
Paycheck amount (1x/month): $14,200
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
To rent: $3,862.50 (I live in a nice bedroom in a full-service building with great amenities.)
Loan payments: $0
Class Pass: $20 for 10 credits
Cellphone: $75
The Internet: $55
Electricity: $50 to $80 (usually higher in the summer due to air conditioning)
Netflix: $8 (A friend and I shared the four-screen option. We each have another person laughing at us.)
HBO Max: $99 per year (A few friends use mine.)
Hulu: $0 (I’m using a friend’s account.)
Amazon Prime: $119 annually
Apple’s iCloud: $0.99
Private health insurance: $1,045, for which the company pays half, so my share is $522. I know it sounds expensive, but I have no deductibles and no co-pays for anything, including all medications, mental health sessions, and physical therapy.

Were you expected to go to college? Have you participated in any form of higher education? If so, how did you pay for it?
Yes absolutely. I don’t think I even knew that not going to college would be an option. Not only that, but I knew my only choices were “useful subjects” to study, which meant things like history and drama were absolutely out of the question. I chose law, which was just borderline acceptable (medicine would have been more desirable). I got my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the UK, and as an EU citizen it was just over £1000 (currently $1341.55) a year for the undergraduate at the time, and just over £10,000 ($13,415.55) for my graduate school. The parents paid for everything, including living expenses, some of which were reimbursed by their work.