launches India’s first banking metaverse named Kiyaverse

Provider of digital solutions for financial institutions and governments, has announced the launch of Kiyaverse, which is India’s first banking metaverse, in Mumbai as through avatar-based interactions, it intends to connect real-world and metaverse banking use cases.

Mumbai-based seeks to enable consumers to transact, access banking information and obtain various banking products virtually from the comfort of their own home through Kiyaverse.

As noted, according to Rajesh Mirjankar, MD and CEO of, the metaverse enables banks to combine cutting-edge technology with a human touch, greatly deepening and personalizing customer interactions.

He said Kiyaverse provides meaningful Metaverse applications that apply to relevant real-world business use cases. It is believed that the banking metaverse will enable banks to maximize the potential of the enhanced user experience to achieve the best results in data visualization and gamification of processes and procedures.

“Kiyaverse provides a multi-functional multi-functional experience using custom avatars in real-world, mixed-reality, and virtual-reality environments,” he noted according to reports.

How Kiyaverse will work

Kiyaverse will allow banks to extend their own metaverse for customers, partners and employees in the first phase, with services such as Relationship Manager, Peer Avatars and Robo-advisors.

According to the company, the Kiyaverse intends to use tokens like NFT and support the CBDC to enable open finance in a Web3.0 environment.

It was also said that Kiyaverse will connect its Open API connectors to aggregators and gateways to enable a metaverse super app and marketplace. it will provide near real-world interaction using the Internet of the Senses with the introduction of Haptics-enabled headsets.

Additionally, customers will be able to use their custom avatars on digital banking units, mobile devices, laptops, VR headsets, and mixed reality environments through Kiyaverse.

The platform will connect banking services from the physical to the virtual world, interacting with relationship manager avatar creation and customization, AI-powered digital customer interaction, portfolio analytics , wealth management, co-lending and corporate banking.

The banking metaverse will provide three-dimensional data analysis for banks, including CMO insights, product performance, risk analysis, and channel analysis.


The majority of companies want to be part of the Metaverse development gold rush. Through Metaverse Development Services, companies want to bring advanced AI-powered data analytics and simulations to their services and products.

This next-generation technology, which integrates augmented reality and virtual reality, can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

However, many development companies in Indian cities such as Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and many more are providing Metaverse development services to their global clients.

Here are a few:

Tech Mahindra: This IT services major spearheaded the launch of TechMVerse to deliver interactive and immersive experiences to customers. The company said that Tech Mahindra will leverage its advanced network and infrastructure capabilities and core technology capabilities such as pervasive AI, blockchain, 5G, AR, VR and quantum computing to create B2B (business-to-business) use cases across industries. .

Wipro: This Indian giant helps its clients realize the huge development potential in the digital realm by helping them develop and design their own Metaverse platform that can add value to their business. Wipro offers Metaverse development services across a variety of concepts for every industry, enabling clients to achieve their business goals.

Accenture: It offers Metaverse development services to help people connect with each other in the digital world. Accenture offers Metaverse technology for meetings, learning, and team meetings, which can help them change the experience for new hires. Accenture offers Metaverse development services for a variety of projects.

Infosys: Its Metaverse Foundry was launched by Infosys to traverse the unprecedented convergence of technologies such as XR, DLT, 5G, AI, IoT and many more. Businesses can use the on-demand flexibility of this platform to establish their own metaverse environment to react to changing priorities and grow market trends securely and efficiently.

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