CCAvenue and Simpl partner to improve the payment experience

Simpl announced a partnership with CCAvenue for a seamless payment experience. Through this collaboration, millions of customers will now be able to take advantage of Simpl’s frictionless checkout and pay later on CCAvenue’s expansive payment stack.

Simpl, India’s preferred payment partner, is a seamless and convenient payment option offered by Infibeam Avenues’ digital payment solution CCAvenue. The digital payment gateway includes over 200 payment options on its next-generation payment processing platform.

Poor checkout UX and speed interrupt the online customer journey while driving inefficiencies for retailers. With this synergistic partnership, both of these challenges are resolved. For merchants, Simpl dramatically increases cart conversions and reduces cart abandonments. With Simpl, merchants unlock benefits like up to 65% conversion rate and double order frequency.

“Merchants love Simpl because we enable unbundling of product discovery. Product discovery takes on new importance as Indian consumers flock to e-commerce sites in search of speed and convenience at checkout. Transparent checkout improves the customer’s shopping experience while dramatically reducing cart abandonment, decreasing reliance on cash on delivery, and removing inefficiencies for retailers,” said Nitya Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Simple.

Simpl is a customer experience platform providing a complete solution for e-commerce conversion. It enables merchants to offer customers one-click checkout, buyer protection, and pay later to feel secure and confident while shopping online. With Simpl, merchants can provide consumers with a simple, secure and intuitive user experience.

Indian consumers will continue to prefer online shopping due to the convenience, speed and mobile nature of e-commerce. But if e-tailers aren’t able to provide a frictionless shopping experience, they’ll experience a lot of cart abandonment. The cart abandonment rate in India is 51%, and it fluctuates during festivals and holidays. For merchants, the situation is exacerbated due to a heavy reliance on cash on delivery (CoD).

CCAvenue, the flagship brand of Infibeam Avenues Limited, is a PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant payment platform for e-commerce businesses in India. The organization serves millions of merchants spread across verticals such as retail, travel, real estate, telecommunications, government services and billing, hospitality, education, and healthcare.

Up to 60% of Indian consumers prefer CoD in urban areas, rising to 90% in rural areas. This involves a trust issue leading to inefficiencies for retailers – high returns and cart abandonment, low volumes and transaction frequency.

UX at checkout and trust are two of the biggest barriers to mass adoption of e-commerce in India. Simpl’s easy-to-integrate SDK enables any online retailer to provide seamless post-delivery payment and billing to their customers. This dramatically increases conversion rates and reduces reliance on CoD.

Simpl, headquartered in Bangalore, provides a complete solution for e-commerce conversion. It enables merchants to build deep relationships with their end consumers rooted in trust, one transaction at a time. With over 20,000 available merchants and millions of approved users across India, Simpl offers consumers an easy, safe and intuitive user experience.

“We are delighted to announce that Simpl is now live on our platform,” said Mr. T. Nandakumar Menon, Vice President – Alliances and Operations, Infibeam Avenues Ltd. “Our merchants will now be able to reach a wider universe including millions of Simpl users to generate revenue. They can offer customers the convenience of a seamless payment experience and the flexibility of easy refund later. Payment transparent is a huge boon for Indian e-commerce businesses, and as a result, CCAvenue will be adding more such options in the months and years to come,” he added.

“CCAvenue has always strived to provide its massive merchant base with the maximum number of payment options, so that they don’t miss any business opportunity,” he added.