Banking job fair scheduled for 04/19 | Adrian Holman

the Banking job fair will be held on Tuesday, April 19 at St. Francis University – St. Bonaventure Campus in downtown Joliet from 3-5 p.m. CST. The job fair is sponsored by St. Francis University Career Success Center, Will County Workforce Services Division and Hometown National Bank, a branch of banks located in Joliet , in Peru, and in LaSalle.

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The banking industry will always have plenty of vacancies all the time. At the entry level, bank tellers are always in high demand. Even though people can access their bank accounts anytime online, people still prefer to do their banking transactions face to face with a teller. This next stat is pretty staggering, but five out of six bank customers went to the bank to complete at least one transaction with a teller last year. The reason for physically going to a cashier is to ensure that the financial transaction has been completed immediately.

Another position in high demand is that of bank mortgage lender. Many people have moved in the past year due to lifestyle changes beyond our control. Last year, annual home sales in the state of Illinois up more than 11%. All of these homebuyers needed to get a home loan.

For those interested in the stock market, an investment management position would be the right job for you. Locating the next big stock could potentially turn you and your customers into wealthy people.

All of these positions will be discussed at the banking industry career fair on Tuesday. The University of St. Francis – St. Bonaventure campus is located in the Robert W. Plaster Center at 16-18 W. Van Buren Street in Joliet.